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Jacksonville, FL

What Is So Great About Jacksonville, Fl?

I came to Jacksonville many years ago, when the city, seemed like an extension of South Georgia. I must admit, I was not very impressed. The city seemed to have a lack luster shopping and dining, and a whole lot of other things that just seemed a little backward.

That was then…this is NOW…

Out with the Old and In with the New…
Jacksonville has changed, it is now a city of natural beauty, a world renown resource for health care, a regional business center, great shopping and dining experience and much, much more.

We have always been the largest metropolis in the U.S. per sq. mile.

Our Historic District

Jacksonville has the largest historic district in the United States. Our historic district is comprised of three separate districts, Springfield, St. Johns Quarters, and Riverside/Avondale Districts.  Riverside is the closest to a Greenwich Village that you are going to find in Florida.

Parks and Recreation

The city of Jacksonville operates the largest urban park system in the nation.  We provide services to 337 locations, in addition to Federal and State Parks.

Daily Activities

We have a lot of new businesses pouring into Jacksonville. We have a low cost of living and nearby, St. Johns County leads the state in quality education. 

We have been named as one of the top cities in the country for investment properties, and the housing cost is still very low, with the average price of a home being $220,000.


We hold an average year round temperature of 77 degrees, and have beautiful beaches for swimming and surfing, fishing and kayaking. We   are accessible by land, sea, or air. The iconic St. Johns River flows through the downtown area.

Our Military Presence

Our North Florida region sustains three navy military bases and a Marine Command at Blunt Island as well as a healthy Coast Guard.

Medical Facilities

What other city has a Mayo Clinic and a Baptist Anderson Cancer Center, along with a whole array of other great medical facilities.


We have a total of 70 public and private golf courses, and plenty of tour-caliber ones. Golfers from across the country come to visit our World Golf Hall of Fame to celebrate the history of golf.


Well, I can safely say that you can” shop until you drop” at our premier outdoor shopping mall, Town Center. The Center has many exclusive stores such as Dillards, Nordstoms, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Omega, and Apple. The mall is jam packed with fine dining.


Oh, and if anyone likes sports, we aim to please.  We are the home of 8 professional sports teams, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, and of course we host the Florida/Georgia game each year.


We got it!  We are the home of southern rock, and the famous Allmon Brothers and Lynyard Skinner. We also host a strong tradition of Jazz, Blues, and classical music. The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra performs regularly and we host the Jazz festival each year, along with   other outdoor concerts.


No other city in the state, has more unique flavors than Jacksonville. Our foods are eclectic, ranging from casual elegance to fish camps, food trucks, local farm-to-table, French cuisine, seafood restaurants and ethic foods.

 In addition to fine dining, the Riverside Arts Market is the best farmers market around, also providing local foods, live music, street performers, along with art and crafts.

Outdoor Living

The outdoors is really a big part of our lives. We bring the outdoors into our homes. We have lanais, outdoor kitchens, pools, hot tubs, picnic tables, grills and smokers, swing sets, tree houses, a whole array of ways to entertain our guest.

We are a Southern city with many Southern tradition, we still get together as a family, for Sunday brunches. We have deep-seeded values, we care about our country, love our military and we see their sacrifices first hand. We are one large community, composed of yet smaller communities, each with their own distinct contributions to the city. We are Jacksonville, vital and alive!

Check us out! Call me for more great information. Mary Stewart, Realtor,  904-553-2342,  Keller Williams, Atlantic Partners, 8702 Perimeter Park Blvd. Jacksonville, FL. 32216

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