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My Marketing Plan

Why Good Houses Just Don’t Sell…

Did you ever wonder why some of the most beautiful homes just sit on the market for weeks, or even months, with apparently little activity being generated toward a quick sale? Often times, marketing techniques are different among companies, and especially among individual agents. There are many strategies for selling a home and often just a subtle change in strategy will result in that quick sale! May I share my strategy, which follows the principal of the 4 P’s.

  • Photography
    A picture is worth a thousand words,” and professional photographs are key to selling your home. Not surprisingly, listings with better photos command higher asking prices.
  • Presentation
    Research shows that the curb appeal of your home can affect the selling price by as much as 14%. I am a feng shui home stager and a Florida master gardener. I will be happy to offer my staging services and landscaping advice, FREE, for each of my listings.
  • Price
    The initial listing price for your home is crucial, as your property will attract the most potential buyers within the first 4-6 weeks of promotion. Working together, we will use all available and pertinent data for pricing.
  • Promotion
    Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise in North America, and I have designed a 14 point marketing strategy to give your home the highest level of exposure possible.
    I welcome the opportunity to assist you in reaching our goal in your desired timeframe. We will maximize the return on your investment and ensure that you are able to move on, without regret.
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Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart